Hello, my name is Mark Aka Half Tyme. I was born 1979 were I lived in St Frances vile with my mom and brother. We then moved to Baton Rouge La. were my mom worked two jobs. It was tough for us because we didn’t have much to eat back then. I never really saw my mom much again then she was busy working and providing a roof over our heads. On my mom side, I had a brother, on my dad side I had two sisters Brenda and Ariella who I loved very much. But I didn’t meet them until much later in life. We moved a lot when I was growing up.I have lived in Zachary, Baker Baton Rouge, Texas and south Baton Rouge, I now lived with my wife and my three beautiful kids Mark Jr, Matthew, Michaela my wife name Tiffany were we live in Baton Rouge. Ok now let us talk about how I started rapping I was around 18 years of age when I first began.Oh man was I bad I had a friend back then that told me man mark give it up it’s not for you man. So I had given on it.

I went to school to learn how to weld made a great career out of it also. So I then moved to Texas with my older brother who is a current disease. I then meet a guy name Richard ray and a girl name Kirby Burly. We made over 300 songs in a 4-year time span. Of course, it was secular music. But there is where I learn how to make music. I sat back and watched them make beautiful songs they had great chemistry together. I then moved back to Louisiana because my brother took sick in Texas. And my mom wanted to take care of him. So I left everything I loved and came to the aid of my brother. I started rapping again, and this time I was on a mission, I was going to make it so I can get the proper meds for my brother. I then started working at a Plant were I meet a brother by the name of Pastor Bruce Fraizer. Bruce show me the ways and the path to Christ. I had just got my break to the music industry. Through a model Company by the name of model Production.

Mr. Fraizer was such an impact in my life; I gave my life to Jesus Christ I wasn’t rapping then I had ultimately walked away from it. But in 2013 I was in an unfortunate accident in a plant that changed my life forever. The back was busted shoulder busted. I was diagnosed with PTSD And had to stay at seaside medical center. When I got out, I had a Lot to talk about, And God gave me the words and the strength gain start getting my life together. Pastor Al is like a father to me he never heard my rap ever and told me that your gift is not for you let God use you.I didn’t listen I wasn’t trying to do that. I have a friend told me the same thing.Still, I said I hear you man was the words I use and I then said well god would have to ask me to rap I was smart about it. So I was riding down airline highway, and God spoke to me telling me this why I spared you your gift is not for you so here we are today and this is why I named the company Leaveyourmarkbecause.Because we are not just doing stuff, we’re here to motivate enervate and change the world one song at a time.